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About Us

Established in 1974, Down Under Signs started out as a traditional signwriting company but has evolved to producing and installing standard and customised digital signs for various WA businesses. While we value our traditional pre-computer signwriting heritage, we have over the years enthusiastically embraced the exciting improvements of the computer age.

Having gone from the humble beginnings of a small company and exploding into the world of digital printing, Down Under Signs is fast becoming a reputable supplier to companies across Perth. With a wealth of knowledge gained through many years combined experience, we offer solutions and ideas for all your sign requirements. We supply the creativity and the practical expertise to get the job done.

Our production staff is trained and qualified in the art of traditional and digital signwriting. The Down Under crew are experts in the practical application of graphic design, and bring together a wide range of computer, cutting, printing and traditional signwriting techniques. We work on a wide variety of substrates, and have the expertise to work at heights and on scaffolds for signage installation. All of this allows us to give our clients the overall package,including exceptional client service, which our staff and management are known for.

At Down Under Signs we appreciate our staff and the work they produce, ensuring team members are recognised for their commitment, passion and drive to achieve success for this business.

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